A Short History of the Ring Farmhouse

The history of The Ring Farmhouse is shrouded in the mist of time. For family history check out our details on the Family History page.

The Ring Farmhouse is located in the townsland of "Ballinree" of which the literal translation from the Irish language means the "Town of the King". It is known fact that the area was also the site of Loretto Castle up until around the 16th Century, with some ruins still visible today.

From there on the land and area take on a sense of mystery as to what happened in the intervening years. The Ring Farmhouse has been in the same family for the past ten generations and yet little exists in the way of documented evidence to give an insight into developments at Ballinree.

The circular ring of hedges that surround the farm is thought to have been developed in the latter part of the 18th century. Some people suggest that the hedges were planted on the area previously occupied by the Loretto Castle moat although again, there is no direct evidence.

Coincidentially (or perhaps not), there is a lake approximately eight miles away in the Slieve Bloom mountain range which is known to locals as the Clear Lake. The coincidence is that the Clear Lake is a perfect circle of some 90 feet in diameter formed in the soggy peat of the mountain top. As yet no firm link has been established to The Ring Farmhouse, but the shape of this lake, and its proximity to Ballinree may in the future prove to be one part in the larger jigsaw of history of The Ring Farmhouse.